Pedagogical Guide

Fostering Scientific Vocations through Augmented Reality about European Cultural Heritage

The Pedagogical Guide will cover the fields of: 

• Pedagogy and curricular design - basic principles applied to personalised learning 

• Practical and affordable solutions forintegrating active and participative methods - basic and previous methodologies developed and validated

STEAM and cross-curricular implementation

• Tools and digital resources for their incorporation in the classroom

• Cross-curricular treatment of European Cultural Heritage

Thus, AR-STEAMapp will allow teachers to acquire skills and competencies in STEAM education:

 -  Digital competence: teachers will have an educational App, which they can use with mobiles or tablets to work on STEAM disciplines in the classroom. 

- Capacity for curricular integration of STEAM content: through the different learning scenarios that the app will incorporate. 

- Use of AR for educational purposes. 

- Use of heritage elements for the integrative study of STEAM disciplines.

      - Develop their own STEAM didactic sequences, using as a model the best practices that will be included in the pedagogical guide.

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